Egaleo Honeycomb Sea Sponge


Greek’s Natural Honeycomb Sea Sponge

Natural Sea Sponge has been used in Europe for thousands of years ago due to its uniqueness.

* It is extremely soluble in water and it creates a thick leather while its  velvety touch gently cleanse the skin.
* It is hypo allergic and helps in the  best cleansing of the skin without irritating and is suitable for  children’s sensitive skin.
* As a living organism, the sponge  deters the accumulation of bacteria thus protecting body hygiene.
* It is especially long wearing, it does not unravel like industrial sponge  nor does it strain or hold odors.
* Due to its variety surface, it is ideal for massage giving the body a unique relaxation experience.

Greek’s natural sea sponge are fished in the traditional way of diving. Experience divers dive into the sea at the depths of 25 – 60 metres.

At the bottom of the sea, the divers choose not only the best sponge using eco-friendly methods, but also those that are fully grown, leaving smaller ones to grow, only to be harvested the following year.

In this manner, they protect the watery environment which is a source of life for themselves.

Size 4 – 4.5 Inches ( After submerged )



Natural Honeycomb Sea Sponge grows naturally in the sea. Each sea sponge comes in different and unique shape


Direction of use :
During the first use, submerge the sponge completely in cold water for 15 minutes in order to soften the sponge. The sponge can be used for shower, face-cleansing and could also be used with Egaleo soap.

1. Rinse sponge with water after use and squeeze gently with both palms to expel water.
2. Store sponge in cool dry place.
3. Do not leave any soap residue and avoid excessive twisting of sponge to prevent breakage of natural fibre and to prolong the sponge life.
4. Do not wash the sponge in a washing machine or with other bleaching agent and medicinal solvent.

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