Danny Tang

Danny Tang (General Manager)

I don’t usually say good things about myself, as I don’t want others to view me as a boastful guy.
But, it would be hard for me to not share the happiness with all.

When I first came upon Egaleo toxic-free cosmetics in March 2014, I didn’t believe it can be used as a toothpaste, shampoo and even a mask. I was the first one in Asia who tried the product~ Pure Egaleo handmade soap.

It was very difficult at first, as there must be some chemical residues left on my skin after using commercial cleansing products for years, but I insisted on using Egaleo’s product for the sake of health.

At the beginning, my skin was itchy and dry after each use of the soap. I sent many letters of inquiry to the manufacturer in Greece and got told that I was actually undergoing the process of detoxification.
The itchiness and dryness on my skin continued for a month.

Today, I’m very impressed and surprised with the significant changes I see on my skin compared with the photo taken in November 2013. The black spots and skin pores on my face have greatly reduced and my skin has become more firmed and more radiant.

I appreciate my decision in choosing a non-toxic product.

Egaleo is a pure, natural cosmetic product brand recognized by International Natural and Organic Cosmetics certification body ~
The products have also obtained a product safety assessment from the European Union –

PIF – Safety Assessment